Tripod's Story (Amazing journey of a 3 legged kitten)

In February this year a good samaritan found a tabby kitten approximately 12 weeks old wandering around Pymble station.  She rang St Ives vet surgery to see if we could help as the kitten had been injured.  Imagine our shock when the kitten arrived at the surgery to find that he had suffered a traumatic amputation of his left fore leg.  The wound looked to be a few weeks old and he had bone exposed.  He was emaciated, running a fever, covered in fleas and severely anaemic - but one of the most affectionate kittens we had ever seen despite his injuries!  He was desperate for cuddles and even more desperate for food!  The staff at the surgery immediately fell in love with this brave resilient kitten and we decided to see if we could get him healthy enough to endure a surgery to clean up the amputation site. Unfortunately he had no identification or microchip but we were confident we could find a home for him.

Over the next week he was treated with antibiotics, kept on pain relief, treated for flea and worm infestations and fed a lot!  He rapidly put on weight, his infection was controlled and his anaemia resolved.  Throughout he remained affectionate despite having his sore leg handled, tablets forced down him regularly and having to suffer the indignity of sharing a kennel room with the dogs in case he was carrying  an infection contagious to our cat patients.

A week after his arrival we felt he was strong enough to cope with an anaesthetic and the surgery required to repair the open wound to his left hand side.  The operation went smoothly and the remainer of his left foreleg was amputated.   By that same night he was playing in his cage, demanding cuddles and of course still eating ravenously.  By this stage he had been appropriately named “Tripod”.



His recuperation over the next week went smoothly, and a home was found with a loving local family whose 2 year old boy was desperate for a cat of his own.

Tripod is now a healthy 6 month old cat, who loves nothing more than placidly lying on Charlie’s lap.  His new owners only complaint is that he still eats ravenously and they often have to put him away during the family’s meal times otherwise he is on the dining room table trying to get stuck into their dinner!  Hopefully with time he will realise that the food will keep appearing!