An update on Tripod, the amazing 3 legged cat

We wanted to give you all an update on Tripod the 3 legged cat.

You may remember that in 2015 he was brought into the clinic suffering a traumatic amputation of his left foreleg. After surgery by Dr Sally Tilley, Tripod found a new home with a local family. In mid 2016 due to personal circumstances Tripod was in need of a new home again. Dr Sally was very eager to take on Tripod (having always wanted to keep him herself anyway!) Hence Tripod found himself now living with 2 other cats and one dog. He adapted quickly to the change and loves playing with the dog.

This however is not the end of Tripod's story. If ever there was a cat in need of a vet owner, Tripod is it. One afternoon last year, Tripod did not come home. Dr Sally and her family searched for him for several days, then one morning she found him lying at the back door. He couldn't stand or walk and had somehow managed to drag himself back home. Dr Sally rushed him up to the surgery and an x-ray revealed TWO fractured hips! It turns out he had a congenital condition resulting in a weakening of the tops of his thigh bones, making him prone to fracture them with normal activity. As usual Tripod was not fussed, he purred and ate up a storm and only cared about being patted.


THREE surgeries later, Tripod has had both his hips repaired and he is now up and about again. He even caught his first mouse late last year and proudly brought it inside much to the horror of his human family! Dr Sally's husband even build a special access cat flap as Tripod was struggling to get through a regular cat flap with only one front leg.

As far as the family is concerned, Tripod is the coolest and toughest cat they have ever owned!